Paulo Hohlove (born 4 March 1987) is a contemporary artist, photographer, perfumer and designer.

He started his design career in 2005 and worked his way up from the position of creative designer and art director to the head of communications design and entrepreneur. During that time, he gained experience in creatives, branding and design of marketing communication.

Paulo is confined not only to a professional career. He is engaged in painting, photography, perfumery, music, studies the psychology of perception, neurosciences, cosmism, hermetic philosophy, religious syncretism, color and aromatherapy.

Since 2018, he has been conducting educational lectures on the topics of "Visual communication" and "Perception of information" in educational and commercial organizations.

Paulo Hohlove is the founder of Aromachromatism. The direction of multisensory science art, in which the viewer has a cross–modal perception of colors and odors due to emotional connections formed by the archetypes of the subconscious. Aromachromatic works open up a new synesthetic experience for a person, give them a sense of the effect of color on emotions with the organs of vision and smell.

"The visual form for fragrances can be made in different directions: painting, sculpture, photography, video or even music! The most important thing is that an impulse arises in the viewer's brain – an understanding that the world is much wider than it seemed to be."
– Paulo Hohlove © 2022

In 2020, he developed an Aromachromatic system, where he classified all aromatic substances by colors and shades. In 2022 Paulo releases the first series of monochrome fragrances "Y.M.C.", developed according to his own system of cross-modal perception of colors and odors.


Construction and operation of buildings and structures.
Podolsk College of Civil Engineering – Podolsk, Russia.

Graphic design.
Moscow Art-Industrial Institute – Moscow, Russia.

Interior design.
Academic School of Design – Moscow, Russia.

"Isolation No. 410" – the painting is published in the book CORONART.
Ludwig Rage Club 2020 Berlin., Berlin, Germany:

"Blooming Icon" – 2nd place in the SNC Pride Club photographers' competition.
SNC Magazine No.56 for 2013, Russia. The curator is Polina Askeri.

"Ant. 78" - photo art in the documentary "I evoke the spirit of Macedonian".
TV channel "Russia 1", 2011

Paulo is always open to cooperation and new cross-modal experiments on human perception.

Painting Photography Digital art
Cross-modal perception system
A series of monochrome fragrances
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