Palette of sensual pink shades

Magenta by Paulo Hohlove
MAGENTA is a blend of boldness and audacity in a passionate monochrome fragrance. The unisex fragrance combines the shocking pink of Elsa Schiaparelli and the bright colors of punk rock of the 70's.
The composition of the fragrance is an abstract way out of the established framework of society. A source of sensual inspiration that excites the imagination. Surreal experiences of color embody personal boundaries beyond the control of external reality. The fragrance awakens a strong and romantic rebel inside everyone, gives strength to meet a new experience.
Floral-mineral composition.

Fragrance pyramid: Blood of fuchsia flower, Latex, Vanilla, Wood, Musk.
Magenta by Paulo Hohlove
Magenta is a symbol of fearlessness, confidence, steadfastness and true passion. Put on a fragrance-temptation, enjoy freedom and discover a colorful world of impressions.

Model — Valery
Photo / Style / Post — Paulo Hohlove
MUA & Hair — Natali Frolova
Lighting Designer — Fedor Ustenko, Fedor Sidorov
Assistant — Alexander Shteynik
Cross-modal perception system
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